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Whale breaching out of the North Atlantic waters

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Your Guide to Whale Watching on Cape Cod

Summer adventure awaits on Cape Cod! And catching a glimpse of our amazing sea creatures is one of the best there is. So, we created your guide to whale watching on Cape Cod. The warm weather months truly are prime for watching these mammoth sea creatures frolicking in the waves along their migration tour.

We would love to host your whale-watching getaway in one of our cozy rooms. Each morning starts with a delicious breakfast to fortify your adventure on the high seas. At the end of the day, count on us for a relaxing evening and a good night’s sleep.

Best Times to go Whale Watching

The coast of Massachusetts is the summer feeding region for these gentle giants. Their migration begins in mid-April as they head north from a winter spent in warmer southern waters. However, the best times to see the whales are generally between June and September. During these summer months, you’ll see a variety that includes Humpback whales, Finback whales, right whales and Minke whales. You may even see some white-sided dolphins which swim in the North Atlantic waters.

Although we’d all prefer a gorgeous summer sunshiny day, the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Come rain or blue skies, the whales will be active in the waves. Our biggest caution would be to check the weather for winds that result in swells no higher than two feet. With stronger winds, you’ll experience a boat ride that may include some unpleasant queasy moments.

Tips for Your Whale Watching Adventure

What to wear. Since weather is unpredictable, dressing in layers is best. Having a light jacket or sweatshirt with you will help ward off the chilly breeze. You may also want to wear rain gear to keep dry. In the fall, we suggest wearing a coat, gloves, and a hat to keep warm. Just remember that it’s very windy on the water so make sure your hat has ties or fits snugly on your head. One thing you definitely need to wear is rubber-soled shoes. These will help prevent slipping while you’re on deck.

What to bring. One thing you may want to bring is a camera (or your phone). OK, that’s an obvious one, and here’s another — binoculars. You will want to see and capture the amazing moments the whales breach the waters, feed, and play. As a precaution, you may want to have some seasick prevention meds along. Another must-have is sunscreen to protect your skin from the strong rays since most cruises last for several hours.

Whale Watching Tours

One of the best companies is Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises. They have been offering tours since 1980. Their vessel is designed specifically for whale watching. Each tour lasts between 3½ to 4 hours and will provide spectacular views of the whales. Here are the details you need to plan your trip.

BlueWater Entertainment has whale-watching tours. They also offer a variety of services from Bluefin Fishing trips to Seal tours and many more. Dolphin Fleet of Provincetown is a line that is committed to not only being amazing whale-watching tour guides but also to protecting these gentle giants and preserving their habitat. Dolphin Fleet of Provincetown also allows you to bring your dog along on the whale-watching tour.

Relaxing Stay

After a day out on the water, the comfort of your guest room beckons you to come and relax. Our inn is conveniently located near the Bay with easy access to Cape Cod’s other attractions. We look forward to booking your stay and hope that your guide to whale watching on Cape Cod will make it a memorable one. Check availability today.

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